WACK News 2019


  • 06/02 – A full, parody ‘remix’ version of BILLIE IDLE’s ‘Soshite, mata..’ MV has been released with WACK alumni – BULLY IDOL
  • 05/02 – SAiNT SEX re-release single WACK IS FXXX with updated lineup


  • 29/01 – YUKA EMPiRE announces withdrawal from the group to focus on school. Her last day will be March 3rd – 4th with a 24 hour live stream.
  • 10/01 – GANG PARADE first major debut single announced for release April 17
  • 10/01 – GANG PARADE announces major debut with Warner Music Japan’s label, FUELED BY MENTAIKO
  • 09/01 – WACK photo book ‘IDOL’ announced for pre-orders
  • 09/01 – GANG PARADE 4th album released, LAST GANG PARADE
  • 08/01 – HOLY SHiTS‘s single WACK is SHiT guerrilla release
  • 08/01 – BiSH to release digital single, If It’s The Two of Us, on January 30th
  • 03/01 – WACK 2019 Audition announced to take place March 24th to 30th, 2019 – Ayuni D, Yamamachi Miki, Aya Eightprince, Muropanako, Toriaez Hana, YUiNA EMPiRE, and MAYU EMPiRE will be taking part
  • 01/01 – Nel Nehru leaves BiS, citing physical and mental exhaustion

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