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Recently Added To The Site

2Todays birthday KiKA FRONT FRONTALE! September 18, 2018 26 years old

  • 18/09 [Site Update] Ayuni D‘s Solo Project PEDRO guerrilla release!
  • 09/09 [Site Update] – Updated WAgg pages with new information, pictures, and videos
  • 06/09 [Site Update] – Translated Go Zeela first interview as Captain
  • 04/09 [Site Update] – Translated Muropanako first interview as Captain
  • 04/09 [Site Update] – Created a Google Doc for translations requests. Submit your requests for free!
  • 01/09 [Lyrics Added]CAN’T STOP (GANG PARADE) & S.O.S (EMPiRE)

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Interviews, Translations

Translated Solo WACK Member Interviews

LAST UPDATED: 13 September, 2018 18:20pm BSTinterer.png

One of my next aims is to fully translate all solo interviews of the WACK girls, starting with the newer girls who only have one or two to ease me into it. Using my translations, the amazing Aika has translated some interviews into Spanish! Click on the flags bellow to view in the respective languages.

Here is a list of those completed so far with links to the Google Docs:

Want to see something translated? Request it here!

Music Videos, Translations

Subbed Music Videos & Live Performances

LAST UPDATED: 1 September, 2018 17:47pm BST

I’ve created a Google Drive to upload all the music videos/live performances that I’ve added English subtitles to. 🇬🇧 Click here to view a full list of all English subbed videos.

  • BiS – 16 subbed videos (15 music videos / 1 live performance)
  • BiSH – 15 subbed videos (11 music videos / 4 live performances)
  • GANG PARADE – 14 subbed videos (3 music videos / 11 live performances)
  • EMPiRE – 5 subbed videos (5 music videos)
  • Other – 2 subbed videos (2 music videos)

Special thanks to @AikaVk for translating some lyrics into Spanish! Aika has created a Google Drive for all the videos. 🇪🇸 Click here to view a full list of all Spanish subbed videos.

  • BiS – 12 subbed videos (5 music videos / 7 live performances)
  • GANG PARADE – 6 subbed videos (4 music videos / 2 live performances)
  • EMPiRE – 1 subbed video (1 music video)
  • Other – 2 subbed videos (1 music video / 1 live performance)

Welcome to the Site!


I’m currently working on translating all the BiS/BiSH/EMPiRE lyrics that haven’t been translated to English before. So far, I have translated 106 songs total. I currently have 92 songs left to translate.

  • BiS – 36 songs (18 songs never translated before)
  • BiSH – 17 songs (4 songs never translated before)
  • GANG PARADE – 28 songs
  • EMPiRE – 9 songs (8 songs never translated before)
  • Other – 2 songs

I’m still fairly new to translating and this is the first website I’ve created, so all feedback is welcome! Also, if you have anything else you want to see on here, let me know.

Thanks for stopping by!