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WACK News 2019


  • 06/02 – A full, parody ‘remix’ version of BILLIE IDLE’s ‘Soshite, mata..’ MV has been released with WACK alumni – BULLY IDOL
  • 05/02 – SAiNT SEX re-release single WACK IS FXXX with updated lineup


  • 29/01 – YUKA EMPiRE announces withdrawal from the group to focus on school. Her last day will be March 3rd – 4th with a 24 hour live stream.
  • 10/01 – GANG PARADE first major debut single announced for release April 17
  • 10/01 – GANG PARADE announces major debut with Warner Music Japan’s label, FUELED BY MENTAIKO
  • 09/01 – WACK photo book ‘IDOL’ announced for pre-orders
  • 09/01 – GANG PARADE 4th album released, LAST GANG PARADE
  • 08/01 – HOLY SHiTS‘s single WACK is SHiT guerrilla release
  • 08/01 – BiSH to release digital single, If It’s The Two of Us, on January 30th
  • 03/01 – WACK 2019 Audition announced to take place March 24th to 30th, 2019 – Ayuni D, Yamamachi Miki, Aya Eightprince, Muropanako, Toriaez Hana, YUiNA EMPiRE, and MAYU EMPiRE will be taking part
  • 01/01 – Nel Nehru leaves BiS, citing physical and mental exhaustion

Quick Japan x WACK Book Scans & English Translation

waxckIf you can afford to buy the WACK Book yourself, you can purchase it from Amazon Japan, where it can be shipped worldwide.

I’m currently working on scanning & translating the Quick Japan Special Issue WACK Book. Once I have scanned and translated a certain section of the book, I will upload the images onto a Google Doc and also provide a download link for the images. If you wish to gain access to the raw scans (4960×7015) check out my Patreon.

Quick Japan x WACK Book ENG Pages 0 – 63 (Missing pages 61 – 62, mini article, currently 70% translated)
View     Download     File Size: 256.92MB     Password = QJWACKBook2018

 Quick Japan x WACK Book ENG Pages 64 – 69
View     Download     File Size: 2.83MB     Password = QJWACKBook2018

 Quick Japan x WACK Book ENG Pages 158 – 161
View     Download     File Size: 10.43MB     Password = QJWACKBook2018
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Interviews, Translations

Translated Interviews

LAST UPDATED: March 6, 2019 10:40pm GMTinterer.pngUsing my translations, the amazing Aika has translated some interviews into Spanish! Click on the flags below to view in the respective languages.

Want to see something translated? Request it here!

Music Videos, Translations

Subbed Music Videos & Live Performances

LAST UPDATED: 1 September, 2018 17:47pm BST

I’ve created a Google Drive to upload all the music videos/live performances that I’ve added English subtitles to. 🇬🇧 Click here to view a full list of all English subbed videos.

  • BiS – 16 subbed videos (15 music videos / 1 live performance)
  • BiSH – 15 subbed videos (11 music videos / 4 live performances)
  • GANG PARADE – 14 subbed videos (3 music videos / 11 live performances)
  • EMPiRE – 5 subbed videos (5 music videos)
  • Other – 2 subbed videos (2 music videos)

Special thanks to @AikaVk for translating some lyrics into Spanish! Aika has created a Google Drive for all the videos. 🇪🇸 Click here to view a full list of all Spanish subbed videos.

  • BiS – 13 subbed videos (6 music videos / 7 live performances)
  • GANG PARADE – 6 subbed videos (4 music videos / 2 live performances)
  • EMPiRE – 1 subbed video (1 music video)
  • Other – 2 subbed videos (1 music video / 1 live performance)